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Brain Matters: March 2019

Spreading Depolarizations in the Injured Human Brain: Characterization, Clinical Significance and Implications for Neuromonitoring


This month on Brain Matters, Sharon Jewell, MRC Clinical Research Fellow at King's College London, department of Basic and Clinical Neuroscience and Imperial College London, department of Bioengineering, discusses what Spreading Depolarizations (SD) are, how to record them, and why they are clinically relevant in the context of human brain injury.

She covers the electrical characteristics of SDs, the blood flow response, and the complex interactions that SDs share with other, established secondary insults. She also touches upon their discovery and historical aspects of SDs important for our current and future understanding.


  • History of SDs
  • Recording methods
  • Causes and effects of SDs

Date Recorded:

Friday, March 1, 2019


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