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Spreading Depolarizations: A Comprehensive Overview


Jed Hartings, PhD (University of Cincinnati), shares his work about spreading depolarizations.


  • Basic science of how spreading depolarizations mediate infarct development
  • How to collect recordings in patients
  • Clinical importance of spreading depolarization monitoring

Date Recorded:

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


The views and opinions expressed in this presentation are that of the presenter. Moberg Research, Inc. makes no clinical claims regarding the use of the CNS Monitor in the applications described by the presenter.

The Impact of Multimodal Monitoring on Clinical Practice & Research


Panelists Eric S. Rosenthal, MD (Massachusetts General Hospital) and Brandon Foreman, MD (University of Cincinnati Medical Center) discuss the present and future impact of multimodality monitoring on clinical practice and research.


  • Current impact of multimodal monitoring on patient care
  • Expected implications for patient safety and outcomes
  • The role of high-resolution data integration in scientific research

Date Recorded:

Friday, November 6, 2015